Episode 64-CV01: Shala Burroughs, HelpMainStreet.com

Episode 64-CV01: Shala Burroughs, HelpMainStreet.com

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We’re  retooling the Boulder Tech Podcast to be a platform for quick-hit-and-publish interviews w/local tech companies (and anyone really) that are refocusing their efforts to support the community during the Coronavirus crisis. We’re looking to speak with as many people as we can and release the interviews as quickly as we can turn them around.

Our first guest under this new format is Shala Burroughs. She normally works in the blockchain sector, but in this time of virus has shifted her focus to help launch helpmainstreet.com, a volunteer-powered effort to support small businesses. We spoke on March 23rd about what that means.

Follow Shala on Twitter @shalaburroughs


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The Boulder Tech Podcast is produced by Joel Davis. Your feedback, criticisms and comments are welcome. If you or your company or organization have switched your focus to helping solve the many problems arising from the Coronavirus pandemic, and you’d like to come on the podcast to talk about it, reach me at joel@dojo4.com or DM me on Twitter @bouldertechcast.

Thanks for listening. We’ll see you back here for the next episode of the Boulder Tech Podcast.

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