Boulder Tech Podcast coronavirus coverage

Now that we’re locked down for awhile and adapting to new ways of doing business and, more broadly, just living, the Boulder Tech Podcast has retooled to be a platform for quick-hit-and-publish interviews w/local tech companies (and anyone really) that are refocusing their efforts to support the community during the Coronavirus crisis.

We’re looking to speak with as many people as we can and release the interviews as quickly as we can turn them around. If you or your company or organization have switched your focus to addressing the many issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, and you’d like to come on the podcast to talk about it, reach me at or DM me on Twitter @bouldertechcast

Here’s a listing of our coronavirus coverage thus far.


Episode 068-CV05: John Tayer, President/CEO, Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Episode 067-CV04: CU’s Rachel Sharpe is 3-D Printing Masks for Healthcare Workers

Episode 066-CV03: dojo4 builds Keep Our Town Alive

Episode 65-CV02: Chris Meyer on the Future of Workspaces

Episode 64-CV01: Shala Burroughs,

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