Episode 074: Andrei Taraschuk, Creator of Artbots, Off The Easel

Boulder Tech Podcast
Boulder Tech Podcast
Episode 074: Andrei Taraschuk, Creator of Artbots, Off The Easel

Our guest for Episode #74 is Andrei Taraschuk. By day, he’s an R&D engineer at Broadcomm, specializing in data visualization. But his primary passion is creating artbots as a way of sharing and promoting art across several social media platforms.

He’s been at it for about 6 years now, and has given life to over 400 bots posting art by Manet, Kandinsky, Hopper, Dali and hundreds more, as well as sharing each other’s works.

We discuss how this project came about, what Andrei’s learned from it, and the intersection of art and technology in our time. All of that and more, as the Boulder Tech Podcast talks artbots with Andre Taraschuk.

Learn more at offtheeasel.com, and follow Andrei on Twitter @andreitr.


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