Episode 020: Ti Chang, Co-Founder and VP of Design, Crave

Boulder Tech Podcast
Boulder Tech Podcast
Episode 020: Ti Chang, Co-Founder and VP of Design, Crave

Episode 20 of the Boulder Tech Podcast features Ti Chang, co-founder and chief designer at Crave, a San Francisco-based company designing and building sex toys with women in mind. Our conversation covers a lot, including:

  • how Crave’s first product became the world’s first crowdfunded sex toy
  • the difference between marketing products to women, as opposed to designing products for them
  • the evolution of sex toys from taboo to objects of empowerment
  • and the simple, elegant brilliance of converting an Airstream to a mobile vibrator factory

Follow Crave on Twitter @followcrave. Follow Ti at @designerti.

This is the last interview recorded for the Boulder Tech Podcast during Boulder StartUp Week. I’ve enjoyed speaking with a variety of people connected to Boulder’s tech and startup scene, and I’m excited to continue.

We’ll be back soon with new episodes, and are open to your suggestions on who we should speak with and what we should cover. Shout at us on Twitter at @bouldertechcast or shoot me a note with your ideas.

Episode #20 of the Boulder Tech Podcast is presented by Boulder StartUp Week Culture track sponsor, Pop Sockets.

NOTE: this episode is marked explicit due to talk about sex toys and a few f-bombs. It is otherwise pretty harmless.


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