Episode 071: ‘Creative Distillation’ podcast takes over BTP to talk CU + Boulder

Boulder Tech Podcast
Boulder Tech Podcast
Episode 071: 'Creative Distillation' podcast takes over BTP to talk CU + Boulder

This episode is part of our 2020 Boulder Startup Week series. Because of the coronavirus, this year’s startup week takes place virtually. We won’t be doing as many interviews as we have the past two years, and will miss seeing everyone in person, but look forward to catching as many of the online sessions as we can. For more info and a full schedule, visit boulderstartupweek.com.

On today’s program, the Boulder Tech Podcast is being taken over by Creative Distillation, a podcast I produce for the Deming Center at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. As CU is a sponsor of Boulder Startup Week, I wanted to speak with someone from the school about their ties to the Boulder startup scene, but then figured, “why not let CU talk to CU about the school’s relationship with the local business community?”

And that’s why Creative Distillation hosts Jeff York and Brad Werner handle interview duties on today’s BTP, as they speak with Erick Mueller, Executive Director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at CU’s Leeds School of Business.

Learn more at colorado.edu/business/deming and subscribe to Creative Distillation via your favorite podcast provider.


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