Episode 072: ‘Impact Founder’ takes over the BTP to talk pivoting in this time of virus

Boulder Tech Podcast
Boulder Tech Podcast
Episode 072: 'Impact Founder' takes over the BTP to talk pivoting in this time of virus

This episode is part of our 2020 Boulder Startup Week series. Because of the coronavirus, this year’s startup week takes place virtually. We won’t be doing as many interview as we have the past two years, and will miss seeing everyone in person, but look forward to catching as many of the online sessions as we can. For more info and a full schedule, visit boulderstartupweek.com.

We’ve got another podcast “takeover” in this edition, with the Boulder Tech Podcast combining forces with Impact Founder, a media company debunking the myth that entrepreneurship is sexy or easy. They tell the real stories of entrepreneurs so you don’t feel alone in your experience as a founder. 

For Boulder Startup Week 2020, Impact Founder’s founder, Kristin Darga, speaks with founders who pivoted or launched during the COVID-19 shutdown. In this episode, she speaks with two people who decided to change course so that their business could better serve their community during this critical time.

Our first guest is Rebecca Cranston, CFO of Amairify and Managing Partner of Four Corners Clean, a disinfecting service she started in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

They have been hard at work throughout the southwest and most notably in the Navajo Nation, spraying in the highest-risk community, residential, and tribal government spaces, where rates of infection have not stabilized and death rates are among the highest in the world.

And if starting one company wasn’t enough, the interest in Four Corners Clean led Rebecca to launch Amairify, a distribution company created to help provide disinfecting services nationally. 

Learn more at fourcornersclean.com.

Then, Kristin talks to Tommy Riley, Co-Founder of Handoff, a chat- and voice-based alcohol recommendation and delivery platform. 

When the coronavirus led to Colorado locking down in mid-March, Handoff took a tremendous risk to pivot and help Colorado breweries who do not have a retail presence. Their focus on local product has helped liquor stores, brewers and distillers across the state to remain afloat during a difficult time.

Find out more and download the app at handofftech.com.

To listen to more founder stories, please visit Impactfounder.com or find them on iTunes, Stitcher and most other podcast platforms. Follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @impactfounder.


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