Episode 045: Vanessa Clark, co-founder/CEO & William Kowalski, co-founder/COO, Atomos

Boulder Tech Podcast
Boulder Tech Podcast
Episode 045: Vanessa Clark, co-founder/CEO & William Kowalski, co-founder/COO, Atomos

This is one of 20 interviews recorded in a popup backroom studio at dojo4 during the 10th annual Boulder Startup Week. When it started in 2009, Boulder Startup Week was the first event of its kind, anywhere. Now, Startup Weeks are held around the world. It’s a great example of Boulder’s position on the leading edge of tech — and the future.

Our guests for Episode 45 are Vanessa Clark, co-founder and CEO, and William Kowalski, co-founder and COO, of Atomos, a Denver-based company building the railroad of space with spacecraft that move satellites from low Earth orbit to anywhere beyond our atmosphere. In our conversation, we get into:

  • the state of private space exploration
  • what sets Atomos’ last-mile services apart from their competitors, and their plan to disrupt and revolutionize how we operate in space
  • the space biz in Colorado 
  • and how, for all its ambitious projects and high-flying goals, Atomos is, at heart, a family-run company

Follow Atomos on Twitter @AtomosSpace.


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