Episode 040: Megan Bent, Founder/CEO, Harbinger Ventures (a WILD Interview by Stephanie Brady)

Boulder Tech Podcast
Boulder Tech Podcast
Episode 040: Megan Bent, Founder/CEO, Harbinger Ventures (a WILD Interview by Stephanie Brady)

Episode 40 of the Boulder Tech Podcast is part of a special “WILD” series of interviews recorded during the 10th annual Boulder Startup Week

WILD (Women Inspiring Leadership Development) is a new track at Boulder StartUp Week 2019, and features candid conversations celebrating women’s startup success, diversity, power, mentoring muscle and leadership impact. 

For the WILD series, I’m pleased to hand off interviewing duties to Stephanie Brady, Managing Director at iFG Studios and Board Member of The WILD Council. On today’s epsiode, Stephanie speaks with Megan Bent, Founder of Harbinger Ventures, about a number of things, including:

  • Startup lessons she’s learned
  • Megan’s passion for supporting female founders 
  • Creating a new “shared-benefit” model of venture funding 

The WILD at Boulder Startup Week podcast series is supported by 1stBank, “banking for good” to help business customers achieve their goals and provide them the resources to succeed. 


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