Episode 008: Beth Hartman, Project Manager, EPRI/Incubatenergy Network

Episode 008: Beth Hartman, Project Manager, EPRI/Incubatenergy Network

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Our guest for Episode #8 of the Boulder Tech Podcast is Beth Hartman. Beth works at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) as Project Manager for the Incubatenergy Network, an initiative funded by the Department of Energy to strengthen connections between clean energy innovators around the country. We talk about:

  • new developments in energy technology
  • factors affecting the transition from fossil fuel-based energy to renewables
  • energy access for underserved populations
  • the state of the grid in the US
  • nuclear power’s role in our energy future
  • the good things about Boulder’s energy approach – and what we can do to improve it

Follow the latest from Incubate Energy at @incubatenergy and EPRI at @EPRINews.

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